Do Electric Vehicles Needs Oil

Do Electric Vehicles Needs Oil

Due to the climatic conditions and price of fuel. These days electric cars are becoming very popular due to these reasons. There are many other reasons behind the popularity of electrical vehicles. When we talk about the EV a question arises which is Do electric vehicles needs oil? The answer to this question is depends upon part or the vehicle. One thing which is very clear that electric vehicles don’t need diesel, petrol and engine oils as oil. Here we will discuss do electric vehicles needs oil or not.

Let’s understand the EV mechanism first

EVs are vehicles that run on an electric motor. Which simply means it needs electricity to move. Electricity is stored in the batteries. Motors don’t have any pistons, So it’s clear electric vehicles don’t need oils like petrol or diesel. It needs other fluids which will be discussed further. To operate EVs electricity is the main consumption by the vehicle.

Why traditional vehicles need oil

In traditional vehicles, there is engines that have so many parts. The piston is the main part of the combustion engine which move due to the gases which are produced by the burning of diesel and petrol. There are so many parts in the combustion engine which needs lubrication. Oil also needs to clean the engine.

Do Electric vehicles needs oil

The Answer for do electric vehicles needs oil is no electric vehicles don’t need oil like engine oil, petrol or diesel. It only needs Lubricants, Coolants and other some necessary fluids. Due to the absence of engines, these vehicles don’t need engine oil.

EVs needs only lubrication oils or agents. if we talk about transmission in EV. There is totally different gearboxes than the traditional vehicles. But the main thing is that it also needs lubrication.

Fluids which are Used in the electric vehicles

EV Transmission Fluids

Gearbox of the electric vehicles needs lubrications. In EVs in the place of engine oils EV Transmission Fluids are used. The Transmission Fluids which are used in electric vehicles is completely different from the engine oil of traditional vehicles. These fluids are specially designed for electric vehicles only.

Battery Coolant

Normally, batteries get hot when charged and discharged. There is a risk of explosion when batteries overheat. To avoid this, batteries need something that keeps them cool. For this, a coolant is used to keep the batteries cool. For this, coolant is filled around the batteries.

Do Electric Vehicles Needs Oil
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Break Fluid

Brake fluid is used in brakes. The brakes are fully hydraulic. Therefore, a fluid is filled in the brakes mechanism which transmits the force from the brake pedals to the tires.

Windshield washer

These are the fluids that are used in both conventional and electric vehicles. This fluid is used for cleaning windshield. It is a very important fluid for the vehicle.


It is also a lubricant that is added to wheel bearings and suspensions. It is used to reduce friction. It is similar to oil but its viscosity is slightly higher than oil. It provides smoothness to the vehicle. It sticks to its place and its life is longer than oil.


Do electric vehicles needs oil its answer is no electric vehicles only needs lubricants, fluids and coolants. Electrical vehicles don’t need any oil like engine oil, petrol and diesel. These oils are different from the lubricants and other fluids used in the electrical vehicle. These fluids are also very important for electric vehicles to run smoothly.

Electric vehicles are very valuable for the environment as they do not produce any toxic gases. We know that climate change is becoming a big problem. Nowadays, most of the pollution is caused by burning traditional fuels. Therefore electric vehicles are the best option to reduce the use of conventional fuel.

These vehicles do not require much maintenance. For this, one just needs to keep an eye on the fluids used in vehicles. The main parts of an electric vehicle that require some attention are the gearbox and the battery.

This is all about the Do electric vehicles needs oil we hope you get what you want about Do electric vehicles needs oil. For more EV information visit our website nirnit. Here you will all the stuff related to electrical vehicles only.

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