Electric Vehicle Driver’s Apprehension Crossword

Electric Vehicle Driver’s Apprehension – Nowadays electric vehicles have become quite popular and driving them is also quite thrilling. But EV drivers always have a fear and anxiety in driving electric vehicles. This fear or anxiety is called Electric Vehicle Driver’s Apprehension Crossword. The concerns that people have about EVs are called apprehensions. Right now electric vehicles are a new thing for everyone, due to which there are many problems in driving it. In this article, we will discuss all these Electric Vehicle Driver’s Apprehension  and tell what can be their solution.

Electric Vehicle Driver’s Apprehension

Range anxiety

Many new electric vehicle Driver’s Apprehension about the range of the vehicle. Drivers worry whether the vehicle will reach where they are going or not, if the battery runs out on the way, then whether the vehicle will reach the charging station or not. This fear keeps haunting the drivers. Because till now electric charging stations are not available everywhere.

How to avoid electric vehicle range anxiety

Plan your route

First get all the information about the route where you have to go, like where are the charging stations and distance you have to travel. Which charging station is of what type, like level 2 charger or DC charger and how much time will it take to charge the car if you reach there in peak hours.

Understanding the range of your car

You should have an idea of ​​the range of your car, that if your car has 60% battery, then how much load it can take and how many kilometers it can go at what speed. You should have complete information about the range of your car. Because Load and speed affects the range of the car.

Use charging apps

When you are traveling, always use the charging station apps, which will give you an idea of ​​how far the charging station is which is available. Charge your car whenever you get a chance because this will reduce the tension of your journey.

Car charging time

If you have an electric vehicle, then you will know that an electric vehicle takes time to charge, the tank cannot be filled quickly like traditional vehicles. This is the main electric vehicle Driver’s Apprehension. If you have to go on a long journey in an emergency, then you will have to worry about charging your electric vehicle at this time. Because if your vehicle is not charged, it may take time to charge it.

How to avoid car charging problem

You must have come to know that electric vehicles take time to charge. So whenever you get a chance, definitely charge your vehicle. Meaning, as soon as you park your vehicle at home or anywhere, you should either charge the vehicle with your home charging or use destination charging. It means that always keep your electric vehicle fully charged.

Charging Tips

Keep the vehicle on charging overnight because most of the chargers at home are level 1 which mostly take more time to charge the vehicle.

Whenever you are on a long journey, always look for a DC charging station as it will charge your vehicle in no time.

Cost related concerns

We all know that electric vehicles are much more expensive than traditional vehicles. Whenever someone thinks of buying an electric vehicle, he definitely talks about this higher cost. This is the another electric vehicle Driver’s Apprehension. These vehicles are definitely expensive but they have many other benefits which benefit you till the life of the vehicle.

Benefits of electric vehicles

Less cost per mile

Electricity is cheaper than gas and petrol, due to which the cost of electric vehicles is much less than the gasoline vehicles, which saves your money throughout its life.

Low maintenance cost

Electric vehicles have very few moving parts, due to which its maintenance cost is very low.

Incentives and discounts

Electric vehicles are very good for our environment, their use does not cause any harm to our environment, due to which the government is also giving subsidy on the purchase of electric vehicles so that more and more people buy electric vehicles.

Car battery concern

The next electric vehicle Driver’s Apprehension is Car Battery. Because with time the battery also gets affected. As the battery gets old, its charging capacity decreases. Due to which sometimes the battery may have to be replaced. Replacing the battery of an electric car costs a lot, which increases the worry of the electric car owner.

How to increase EVs battery life

Avoid high and low temperatures

High and low temperatures have a great impact on the battery of an electric vehicle. Car batteries get damaged due to excessive cold rather than excessive hot temperatures. Whenever you park your vehicle somewhere, park it in a place where the effect of temperature is minimal, if possible always park your vehicle in the garage.

Do not let the battery discharge completely.

Never let the battery of your car discharge completely, if possible always keep the charging of the vehicle between 20 and 80. This will not cause any problem to your battery.

Avoid DC fast charging

As far as possible, charge the vehicle with level 1 and level 2 chargers only. Fast charging can affect the battery of your vehicle.

Electric vehicle fire incidents

It has been seen in many places that electric vehicles catch fire. The next electric vehicle Driver’s Apprehension is Fire incidents. Most of the fire incidents in electric vehicles are due to the battery.

How to avoid electric vehicle fire incidents

Battery management system (BMS)

This is a system that keeps an eye on all the activities of the battery, such as how fast the battery is charging and how fast it is discharging and the load on each battery cell. This system should always be used in the car.

Electric Vehicle Driver's Apprehension Crossword
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Check manufacturing defects

Whenever you buy a new EV, check its battery thoroughly. Like whether there is any defect in the battery, whether its cells are packed properly or not.

Use good charging infrastructures

Whether you charge your car at home or outside, always charge the car from a good and certified charging station.

Immediate action

If you feel that there is some problem in the battery of your car, such as it is charging or discharging quickly. Or its holding capacity has reduced. Then show it to the car manufacturer as soon as possible.

Manual checking

Whenever you are travelling somewhere, check yourself that the battery is not getting too hot. Whenever you use fast charging, stay out of the vehicle and check that the battery is not getting too hot during charging.


Electric vehicle Driver’s Apprehension is justified. But if one adopts the methods mentioned above, then your fears will be removed to a great extent. In the coming time, electric vehicles will run everywhere, so it is very important to remove these fears. As the popularity of EV increases, bigger Electric Vehicle Driver’s Apprehension like charging stations, high prices etc. will end. We need to be more educated about electric vehicles because it is also very important for our environment.

This was about Electric Vehicle Driver’s Apprehension , we hope that all your doubts about Electric Vehicle Driver’s Apprehension have been cleared. If you want to read more articles about electric vehicles, then you can visit our website Nirnit.

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