Destination Charging VS Supercharging

Destination Charging VS Supercharging – In today’s time, the trend of EV vehicles is gaining momentum. The two main reasons for its popularity are its low maintenance cost and electric vehicles are very eco-friendly. Now people are buying EV everywhere, due to which the demand for charging stations and charging infrastructure is also increasing day by day. If we talk about EV charging, then it has two main types, destination charging and super charging. If you own an electric car or are thinking of buying it, then you should know about destination and super charging. When you have knowledge about both these charging, then you will be able to plan your trips well accordingly.

Destination charging vs supercharging

Criteria Destination Charging Super charging
Definition Charge Your EV When you are busy for many hours at public place. Charge your EV for emergency or for long trips
Speed  Slow charging speed Fast charging speed
Charging Spots Mostly Available  on public places Mostly Available  on Highways
Cost Charging cost is very low Charging cost is very High
Battery No effect on battery Repeated use may effect battery

What is destination charging

Destination charging simply means charging your electric vehicle where you are going and you have to spend some time there. This destination charging can also be done in a restaurant, hotel, shopping mall or any office. Nowadays big shopping malls are providing the facility of destination charging so that more customers come to them. Destination charging’s main objective is that when you go somewhere and you are busy there, your car can be charged.

Destination charging speed

Most destination charging spots use level 2 chargers and level 2 charging cables. These chargers charge very slowly, they charge the car from 6 miles to 15 miles in an hour. These charging spots are good for those people who have to park their car at one place for many hours.

Destination charging spot

These charging spots are mostly at those places where people stay for many hours. Like in hotels where people stay for hours and days, after that in restaurants and shopping malls where people stay for a few hours to eat and shop. Nowadays people have also started using destination charging to attract people. Malls and restaurants are giving free charging facility to people so that more and more people come to them.

Benefits of Destination charging

It has many benefits, such as

  • If your car is being charged while shopping or eating, then your time is saved.
  • Nowadays, this destination charging is available in most public places.
  • This charging is cheaper than other charging or super charging, sometimes you can get it for free.
Disadvantages of Destination charging
  • The charging speed of destination charging is very slow. It is not the right option for quick charging.
  • Due to more crowd in public places, you may have to wait longer to charge your vehicle.

What is super charging?

It simply means charging the vehicle with a super charger or DC charger. Super charging charges your vehicle at a very fast speed. DC current is used in this, this charging is designed for long distance or emergency charging. With its help, you can charge your vehicle quickly and start your journey again.

Super charging speed

Their charging speed is much higher than the speed of destination charging. It gives your vehicle a range of 200 miles in 15 to 20 minutes of charging. Level 3 chargers are used in this, which use direct DC current.

Super Charging Places

Super charging stations are mostly found on highways. Nowadays, it has become available at some public places as well. Tesla has created a very large network of super charging stations.

Advantages of Super charging
  • With this, you can charge your vehicle in a very short time. With this, you can start your journey again very quickly.
  • Mostly these are found near major highways, so you do not need to go to any crowded place.
  • Most of the super charging stations are from Tesla, which is a trustable network.
Disadvantages of Super charging
  1. It is more expensive than destination charging.
  2. Sometimes you may have to wait for your turn due to high demand.
  3. Repeated use of supercharging increases the risk of battery damage.

Destination Charging VS Supercharging When to choose which of the two

Travel distance

If you travel short distances every day or go on short trips on weekends, then destination charging is a good option for you. But if you go on a long trip and you have less time, then supercharging is the best option for you.

Destination Charging VS Supercharging
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Budget related

If you want to save money on charging, then destination charging is right for you. Because supercharging is much more expensive than destination charging. For this, you have to pay according to the minute or kilowatt.

Charging tips 

  • If it is possible, then going to these charging stations during peak off hours can save your waiting time.
  • Stay near the vehicle, take your vehicle there as soon as another vehicle is charged.


It is very important to understand destination charging vs supercharging. When you know about both these charging, you will save both time and money. Destination charging is good for everyday use, it saves your money and there is no fear of the car’s battery getting damaged. Super charging is very good for emergency or long journey. But it is quite expensive and it can also damage the car’s battery. As the charging network expands, charging electric vehicles will become even easier.

This is all About Destination Charging VS Supercharging we hope you understand the difference very well. If you have any questions about Destination Charging VS Supercharging please feel free to comment on us. For more electrical vehicle related articles visit our website Nirnit. Here you will get may important and informational articles.

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